“Rince na Chroi is by far the most organized, family-centered dance school that our family has experienced. The communication with parents is top-notch: we always know exactly what to expect in terms of class schedules, payments, rehearsals, and deadlines. Moreover, Katie and her wonderful teaching staff went out of their way to accommodate our daughter who began Irish dancing as a teenager. This year at Rince na Chroi has been a thoroughly positive experience for dancer and parents alike. Organization, communication, compassion, alongside the joy of movement–Dance of the Heart, indeed!”

-Elise Werger, dance mom

“We always love having the Rince na Chroi dancers join us onstage!  They add a lot to our shows, the crowds love them, and their professionalism and dedication make them incredibly easy and fun to work with!”

-Adam Coolong, Wild Colonial Bhoys

“It’s always great when we can get Rince na Chroi at an IFM event. We know it’s going to be a high quality performance that the audience will enjoy!”

-Michael Gibbons, Irish Fair of Minnesota

“It is always such a treat to see the joy and enthusiasm that Rince na Chroi Irish dancers bring to every performance.  As live musicians, we get to see everything behind the scenes, so we can attest to the fact that Rince na Chroi is truly like a big happy family.  Katie and the instructors care deeply about their students, and they infuse a sense of community-mindedness in both the dancers and their families.”

-Brian Miller, Two Tap Trio

“Being a part of Rince na Chroi means the world to our family. The teaching staff are truly remarkable role models for our daughter, Olivia. They are extremely talented, poised, genuinely kind, and attentive, especially to the young ones! They are fantastic at what they do. This can be traced directly to the Senior Instructors and the owner, Katie Stephens Spangler. We love being a part of the Rince na Family and wouldn’t have it any other way!”

-Tim and Suzanne Monahan, proud dance parents

“As the director of the Center for Irish Music and a member of the Two Tap Trio, I am so impressed at how Rince na Chroi makes an effort to feature live music in their performances.  Katie and the instructors are wonderful to work with, and they have a great respect for not only Irish dance, but the music as well!”

-Norah Rendell, Two Tap Trio and Director of the Center for Irish Music

“Thank you so much for performing on behalf of the Irish Music and Dance Association and helping us to promote our St. Patrick’s Day Celebration and Day of Irish Dance. Even with an early morning TV spot, everyone was early and ready to go! The dancers did a fantastic job and were so professional, and the teaching staff was a joy to work with. Thank you!”

-Julia Rogers, Irish Music and Dance Association

“Few organizations are run better and with more care than Rince na Chroi.  Katie and her staff are incredibly thoughtful, passionate, super organized and they exude kindness.  As a vendor for Rince na Chroi for many years, I have always been impressed with the kind, thorough and timely communication and the incredible planning that takes place behind the scenes.  It is a pleasure working with Katie, her staff and the families in this capacity and to be a part of the Rince na Chroi Community.”
-Megan Ryan-Kuefler, Designer Sports

“ Growing up as a dancer with Rince na Chroi gave me immense confidence. I feel comfortable on stage, in front of groups, public speaking, and not to mention my pointed toes! I have Katie to thank for all of that.”

-Emily Vaughn, former dancer

“Rince na Chroi Irish Dancers not only put on spectacular performances, they are always easy to work with and do what they say, which from an event organizers’ perspective, is invaluable.”

-Mike Wiley, Irish Fair of Minnesota

“Girls were wonderful as usual.”

-Patrick Murphy, Gaelic Storm

“Rince na Chroi has always been a highly professional, highly fun and highly positive organization to work with. You can feel the energy in every dancer, every musician, every parent and every moment during the performance. The level of dedication and talent is remarkable to me every time I get to be a part of it and witness them in action. I have had the honor to play bodhran with this group for over 10 years, during which time they came to affectionately call me “The Bemidji Thunder.” That is just one small example of the fun-loving and thoughtful nature that this group has engendered. Being able to play off the rhythms the dancers are producing is a very powerful experience. No video or audio recording can quite do it justice- you must experience it firsthand. For a percussion player there is no greater joy than to be a part of such a professional lock-tight rhythm-based performance. Rince na Chroi is the real deal!”

-Eric Carlson, Two Tap Trio Dance Band

“The girls were fantastic last night. Really impressive dancing. Thank you for coming and organizing everything. We’ve had great feedback on the dancing, and it added a brilliant amount to the show.”
-Enda Scahill, We Banjo 3