Siobhan George – New Owner & Director of Rince na Chroi Irish Dancers

Siobhan George is the new owner and director of the Saint Paul-based Rince na Chroi Irish Dancers. George had served as the school’s interim director since February after Rince na Chroi’s founder, Katie Stephens-Spangler, passed away following a hard-fought battle with cancer.

Having competed at the national level, Siobhan first started dancing in Milwaukee with Trinity Academy of Irish Dance. Once she moved to St. Paul, she went on to dance with Scoil na dTri and Anam Mor. After taking a break from dance for a few years, George attended Irish Fair of Minnesota in 2009 and saw Rince na Chroi perform.

“From the moment they started their opening number,” Siobhan reflected, “I was hooked. I then knew that my heart wasn’t in dance because of the trophies, but for the love of Irish dance itself and truly being able to dance from the heart.”

Siobhan joined Rince na Chroi in 2010 and started teaching in 2011 as a dance camp helper. Katie Stephens-Spangler then offered her an assistant instructor position the following fall. After promoting her to an instructor and senior instructor, Katie named her Assistant Director.

“To be able to watch Katie run a business from the age of 23, to becoming a wife, and then a mother, gave me the pillar in my life I never knew I needed,” stated Siobhan, “Her support of her staff, family, and friends were unmatched and I hope to be able to be half as thoughtful and kind as she was.”

“I am so proud of Siobhan,” stated Erin Stephens, sister of Katie Stephens-Spangler, “she is the perfect person to lead Rince na Chroi and continue Katie’s legacy of teaching high-quality Irish dance while fostering a school community that truly is a family.”

Originally from Milwaukee, WI, Siobhan attended Como Park Senior High School in St. Paul before pursuing a career in dance. She is also a licensed real estate agent for Edina Realty. Siobhan and her husband, Derwin, live in Minneapolis with their son, DJ. Derwin will share ownership duties and assist with the organization’s finances and administration. They acquired ownership of the organization including its naming and artistic licensing in an undisclosed agreement with Katie’s surviving husband, Jason Spangler.